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About SV Workday Online Training

SV Workday Training is a pioneer in providing excellent training services for Workday and all its modules. Training can be provide online or in classroom based on the candidate’s needs. SV Workday Training is powered by excellent staff, content and delivery capabilities.

SV Workday Training is a comprehensive enterprise solution that manages of all enterprise functions and needs. Workday is a vital part of the Workday portfolio and provides to all phases of human capital management together with recruitment and talent acquisition. This online training classes is a favoured solution that incorporates different applications all through the business. Our Workday online tutorial classes is a comprehensive course that covers all facets of this suite and helps you become a workday Training professional.

What Is Workday?

A workday is a next development software company and delivers software as a service model. Workday provides management with a way to oversee employee data, time tracking, procurement, outlay management and financial accounting. Workday is a web-based ERP software vendor that specializes in human capital management and economical management applications. Workday presents management with a way to oversee employee data, time tracking, procurement, expense management and financial accounting. The company has been praised for the way it's put an emphasis on usability, providing customers with integrated modules for human resource and business management.

Why Learn Workday Online Training?

Workday Training is one of the most in demand solution that aids the HR arm of companies run efficiently. It can simply incorporates with a wide range of SaaS solutions. It can integrate with any of the popular SaaS solutions implemented by businesses. Furthermore it has a strong architecture that aids in its smooth operations. Workday Training consultants for that reason are in high demand.

Workday Jobs

As more and more businesses are implementing a more cost effective HCM solutions, that merge talent management, recruiting, payroll, benefits, financials, and more into a single platform, Workday’s HCM Suite is outsmarting its comparative products and generating more jobs.

Challenging Job Opportunities

Challenges of Integrating Workday Training with ERP & other existing Systems in an organization, provide huge scope for workday careers aspirants. Options are open to work as workday HCM /workday certified consultant, workday integration experts, workday payroll and financial specialist in multinational companies. SV Workday Training provide options for its students for workday job openings.

Who Can Learn

This Workday Training course is more intended for aspirants seeking knowledge of workday human capital management and financial management software which do not need any prerequisites


SV Workday Training conducts intense Training program leading workday certification. We provide simple yet, easily understandable course content in excelling through our workday learning management system. WE provide workday training materials with flexible training schedule. We also assist in workday training and placements.

  1. Understand the fundamentals of the Workday
  2. Learn about the terminology and functionalities of workday suite
  3. Learn about various staffing models
  4. Learn about the various business processes
  5. How to implement the workday best practices

Chapter: 1 & 2

Core concepts & Navigation Basics
  1. Core Concept Overview
  2. Business Objects
  3. Basic Navigation
  4. Landing Pages
  5. Related Action Menus
  6. Search
  7. Slide-out tabs
  8. Hyperlinks
  9. Additional Navigation Topics
  10. Actionable Reports
  11. Single and Multi-select prompt fields
  12. Standard Screen Icons
  13. Task Page Icons
  14. Workfeed
  15. Configuration options
  16. Find Worker

Chapter: 3

Organizations in Workday
  1. Organization types
  2. Supervisory Organizations
  3. Reorganization
  4. Setup of supervisory org structure
  5. Managing supervisory organization
  6. Creating a subordinate org
  7. Dividing a supervisory org
  8. Additional org types
  9. Organization Hierarchies
  10. Organization Assignments on supervisory org
  11. Organizational Reports

Chapter: 4

Staffing Models
  1. Types of Staffing Models
  2. Configuring individual staffing model
  3. Hiring Restrictions
  4. Position Management
  5. Headcount Management
  6. Job Management
  7. Differentiating between staffing models
  8. Maintaining Staffing Models

Chapter: 5

Jobs and Positions
  1. Job Profiles
  2. Differentiating Job profiles, Job families, Job family groups
  3. Job profiles and Localizations
  4. Management Level Hierarchy
  5. Creating Job profile
  6. Creating Position and Headcount Groups
  7. Managing Filled and Unfilled Position and Headcount Groups
  8. Creating Positions
  9. Edit Position Restrictions
  10. Close Position vs. Managing a Hiring Freeze

Chapter: 6

  1. Compensation Components
  2. Creating Compensation
  3. Compensation Rules
  4. Compensation Reports
  5. Compensation Packages
  6. Compensation Grades
  7. Bonus plans
  8. Amount based
  9. Percent based
  10. Salary and Hourly plans
  11. Compensation Segment Security
  12. Initiating Compensation Events

Chapter: 7

Security Groups
  1. Security Group Types
  2. Configuring Role based security
  3. Configuring Job based security
  4. Configuring User based security
  5. Components of Configurable security
  6. Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies
  7. Domain security policies
  8. Business process security policies
  9. Security Reports

Chapter: 8

Business Process
  1. Business Process Framework
  2. Business Process Step types
  3. Business Process Configuration Options
  4. Default
  5. Customize
  6. Business Process Functionality
  7. Completion Steps
  8. Due Date and Alerts
  9. Delays and Routing Restrictions
  10. Business sub processes
  11. Deploying Business Processes
  12. Business Process Reports

Chapter: 9

  1. Standard Reports
  2. Custom Reports
  3. Report Writer
  4. Data Sources
  5. Class Report fields
  6. Create Report
  7. Report type, Data source
  8. Objects, Fields
  9. Order columns
  10. Sort outputs
  11. Filter criteria
  12. Business Object

Chapter: 10

Calculated Fields
  1. Creating various kinds of Calculated Fields
  2. Calculated Field Reports
  3. Text functions
  4. Working with Related Business Objects
  5. Extract Single Instance
  6. Extract Multi Instance
  7. System wide vs. Report specific Calculated fields
  8. Security Admin Perspective – Calculated Fields

Chapter: 11

Transactions in workday
  1. Creating Applicants
  2. Hiring in Supervisory Organizations
  3. Assigning User based security groups
  4. Hire into position/job/headcount management
  5. Staffing movement
  6. Termination
  7. Request Delegation, Rescind
  8. Move workers and Inactivate supervisory organizations
  9. Workday Accounts
  10. Viewing Personal Data

Workday Payroll Online Training & Course Content

Workday Payroll offers a new way of managing payroll which gives a complete control and accountability over your entire payroll process. Workday payroll contains all the data at one place, due to this all the data flows seamlessly through it and everyone gets paid accurately and on time. It reduces manual entries and errors as HR transactions and time entries go straight through payroll.

Work day payroll gives accurate, up-to-date payroll tax and financial reporting in one solution. It gives you the ability to adapt rapid organizational change though which you can control how your workforce is paid. Workday payroll run calculations for an individual or a group as often as you want.

Work day payroll will give real-time visibility into your general ledger before payroll completes and see journal entry lines. It also makes to stay on top of tax and regulatory changes through the compliance dashboard and auto-updates via the cloud.

Workday Payroll Course Content

  • Effort Certification
  • Deploying Workday
  • Building a Time Off Plan
  • Commitment Accounting
  • Create a Deduction
  • Create an Earning
  • Time Tracking: Adjusting Calculated Time
  • Time Tracking: Configuring a Time Entry Template
  • Time Tracking: Configuring Time Entry Codes and Time Code Groups
  • Time Tracking: Defining a Period Schedule
  • Time Tracking: Defining the Work Schedule Calendar
  • Time Tracking: Manually Advancing the Enter time Business Process
  • Time Tracking: Overview Configuring the Calendar
  • Year-End Payroll: Audit W-2s
  • Year-End Payroll: Configure W-2s
  • Year-End Payroll: Create & Print W-2s Life in Production
  • Absence Management: Adjusting and Overriding Accruals
  • Absence Management: Overriding Time-Off Plan Balances
  • Absence Management: Termination Process
  • Payroll – Adding Payroll Input
  • Payroll – Gross Up Calculations
  • Payroll – Off Cycle Processes: Manual Payments
  • Payroll – Off Cycle Processes: Reversals
  • Payroll – On Demand Payments
  • Payroll – Pay Calculation Results Audit Report
  • Payroll – Payroll Input Using EIB
  • Payroll – Reprint Advices
  • Payroll – Reprint Checks and Reassign Check Numbers
  • Payroll – Running Payroll Calculation, Complete, and Settlement
  • Payroll – Running Pre-note Authorizations
  • Payroll – Viewing Payroll Results and Pay slips
  • Record Voided Checks
  • Time Tracking: Entering and Approving Time and Time Off for a Worker
  • Time Tracking: Entering Time and Time Off

SV Workday Financials Online training & Course Content

Workday is the new tool for all the big MNC's now. It's a cloud based technology which reduces cost of a company. Work day financials is web based platform optimized for mobile .It is one of the best tools used by HR and allows you a completely transparent sale management experience where ever you are.

Workday Financials Management is a business plan and financial account tool that helps to take logical financial decisions with predictable customer outcomes. It is used to manage complete sales and revenue of the company, which helps you to identify non-performing revenue streams and also top revenue generation channels.

SV Workday Online Training provides Workday Financials Online Training. Our Workday Financials instructors are highly talented and well expert trainers. Our Workday Financials online Training across all countries like USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Europe, Japan and India. All our students were delighted with our online training and able to discover Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan and Europe. If you want to know more about Workday Financials Online Training do not wait to call us.

SV Workday online training is your one stop solution to learn Workday Financials online training at your home with flexible daily schedules. SV Workday Online Training presents the real time Workday Online Training by world class trainers connected with worldwide multinationals across the globe.

Work day Financials Course Content

  • Workday Expenses Overview Deploying Workday
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Cost Controls
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Expense Items
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Prerequisites
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Segmented Security Life in Production
  • Budgets and Forecasts: Budgets with Approval and Amendments
  • Budgets without Approvals and Amendments
  • Create and Approve a Spend Authorization
  • Create and Approve an Expense Report
  • Expense Analytics and Reporting
  • Procure-to-Pay for Contingent Labor: Contract and Purchase Order
  • Procure-to-Pay for Contingent Labor: Invoice
  • Procure-to-Pay for Contingent Labor: Job Requisition
  • Procure-to-Pay for Contingent Labor: Payment
  • Procure-to-Pay for Contingent Labor: Receipt
  • Procure-to-Pay for Deliverable Services: Requisition
  • Procure-to-Pay for Deliverable Services: Sourcing and Purchase Order
  • Procure-to-Pay for Deliverable Services: Receipt
  • Procure-to-Pay for Deliverable Services: Invoice
  • Procure-to-Pay for Deliverable Services: Payment
  • Procure-to-Pay for Goods: Requisition
  • Procure-to-Pay for Goods: Purchase Order
  • Procure-to-Pay for Goods: Receipt of Goods
  • Procure-to-Pay for Goods: Invoice
  • Procure-to-Pay for Goods: Payment
  • Revenue Management: Customer Contracts
  • Revenue Management: Customer Contracts Billing
  • Revenue Management: Customer Contracts Revenue Recognition

Workday HCM Technical integration online Training Course Content

This course is intended to advantage learners with both theoretical and hands-on sessions. Classes combine cohesive lectures and product presentations with hands-on exercises to reinforce learning. The course will start with basic principles and organization Setup and then navigates through various topics that include employment models, compensation, the EIB & report writer and many more.


  1. Report Writer overview.
  2. Developing Simple, Advanced Reports.
  3. Advanced Field Calculations
  4. Aggregations based on Primary and Secondary Business Objects.
  5. Data Source Security and Report Field Security.
  6. Report Management Security Domains.
  7. Scheduling reports.
  8. Developing Matrix Reports.
  9. BIRT(in the End).

Core Connectors

  1. Integration Architecture Overview
  2. Integration cloud Connect.
  3. Integration System templates.
  4. Core Connector: Worker.
  5. Integration Services in Core connector.
  6. Change Deduction Procedure in Core Connectors.
  7. Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting using XTT and ETV.
  8. Integration business Process.


  1. EIB Overview
  2. EIB Design Pattern
  3. EIB Limitations.
  4. Workday Public Web services overview.
  5. Workday Reports-as-a-Service
  6. Developing an Inbound EIB.
  7. Developing a Outbound EIB.
  8. Custom Report Transformation.
  9. EIB Features.
  10. Loading Customer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB's.


  1. Workday Studio Overview
  2. Overview of Assembly Components
  3. Creating Assembly Projects.
  4. Message Flow through Assemblies.
  5. Using RaaS and Workday Web Services.
  6. Testing and Debugging Studio Integrations.
  7. Advanced Studio Concepts.
  8. Exception handling in studio.
  • Workday Online Training & Server Access.
  • Placement For OPT EAD GC & Canadian Consultants.

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