Workday Testing QA Online Training

Workday Testing QA Online Training is aimed at gauging the real skilled candidates from the all aspirants. The test checks the concepts and hands on skill of the candidate to filter out the best ones. Clearing the test adds a lot value to your skill. The test is a attestation of your skill in Workday and that proves to be very beneficial for applicants who are aspire for jobs in likewise industries. The chances of getting selected after clearing the test go exponentially high.

Workday Testing (QA) Online Training program is aimed at making students able to clear the workday test with great ease and really great score. The training involves several tests and doubt clearing sessions, in addition to individual focus to ensure no one is left behind. We make sure that each individual is up to the par y working on individual weaknesses and strengthening the candidate to crack the test. Experts of the field design the coursework and upgrade and evolve the program, teach so that one faces no difficulty on the test.

SV Workday Training institute is one of the Best Workday Testing (QA) Online Training in USA UK Singapore and Canada and Class Room Workday Training institutes in Ameerpet, Hyderabad in India and Marathahalli in Bangalore in India.

We are providing Workday Testing (QA) Online Training Tutorial for beginners. And are providing 24/7 Workday Tenant Access and Workday Training Videos Recording Access and Workday Study materials.

Workday Testing (QA) Online Training and Placement in USA, Canada ,India, Hyderabad and Bangalore Consultants.

Course Description:

This course will cover the Workday HCM, Integration and Reports creation and Testing. We will cover basic navigation, Test Scenarios, Test Case writing (Positive and Negative), setting up pre-conditions in test scripts, Testing Simple and Advanced reports, Transactions in Workday, Performance and Development.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and be able to perform workday system navigation
  • Understanding various types of Organizations
  • Test Scenarios and Test Script writing including pre-conditions
  • Test Script Execution
  • Role based testing
  • Testing Simple and Advanced reports
  • Testing One Time Payment and Allowances for Worker
  • Overview of Integrations

Course Content

  1.  Overview of Workday

  • Basic Navigations
  • Worklets
  • Standard Screen Icons
  • Finding different Workers
  • Related Actions Menu
  • Proxying Worker
  1. Organizations Types 

  • Supervisory Organization, Sub Ordinate Orgs, Superior Orgs.
  • Cost Centre, company , Sector
  • How to find Supporting roles of Worker
  • How to add Dependents information
  1. Test Scenarios and Test Script writing 

  • What is Test Scenario and Test Case
  • How to write Positive and Negative Test cases
  • How to set pre-conditions in test cases
  • How to identify regression test cases
  1. Request One Time Payment 

  • How to Initiate OTP for Worker
  • How to write and execute test script for OTP
  • Different types of OTP’s
  • Test Bonus1 plan is eligible for UK workers who are having single child
  1. Allowances 

  • How to assign Allowances to Worker
  • Test Script writing and execution for allowances
  • Different types of Allowances
  1. Request Time Off

  • How to enter time off in workday
  • Test Script writing and execution to test Time Off
  • How to test Time Off results by Period
  • Test Script writing for Hard Stop error message scenarios (ex: when employee applies for more than 30 days of SG-Unpaid Time Off)
  • Different types of Time Off’s
  • LOA
  1. Personal Information 

  • How to add National ID’s
  • Testing Visa Expiry scenarios
  • Testing add of License scenarios
  1. Hire date, Original Hire Date and Continues Service Dates
  • Difference between Hire Date, Original Hire Date and Continues Service Dates
  • Test Script writing based on Continues Service Dates Scenarios
  • How to find Exempt and Non-Exempt employees in workday
  1. Workday Transactions
  • Job Change (Transfer, Promotion, Change Job)
  • Test Script writing for Change Job
  • Create Job Requisition
  • Hire employee process
  • How to Terminate employee
  • How to find terminated employees in workday in specific country
  • International Assignment
  1. Test Script writing for below scenarios
  • Job Profile, Job Family, Job Family group
  • Test script writing for scenario (Update Child Care Leave Entitlement based on Dependent’s Age)
  • Work Shifts: How to test new Work Shifts
  1. Reports
  • Overview of Reports (Types of reports)
  • Creation of reports
  • How to write test scripts for New reports
  • How to write test scripts for existing reports
  • How to test report results with the help of applying filters etc
  • How to write test script for BIRT reports (Optional)
  • How to test BIRT reports (Optional)
  1. Agile – JIRA – X-ray
  • Sprints in Agile Process
  • Overview on JIRA – Xray test management tool
  • How to write scripts in Jira – Xray
  1. Performance and Development
  • Performance review on employee
  • Difference between notification and alert
  • Manager Evaluation: Send Back, Approve etc
  • Employee Acknowledgement
  • Manager Acknowledge
  1. Pay Groups
  2. Creation of Allowances, OTp’s, Paygroups etc
  3. Overview on Integrations
  4. Real time scenarios and Requirements across workday
  5. Discussion on Interview question which was asked from some companies
  6. Overview on all concepts which was discussed earlier
  7. How to test Validations?